Best and healthy diet should be given to a 20-day-old puppy in 2023

A 20-day-old puppy is still very young and is in the early stages of development. At this age, they are not yet able to digest solid food and should be fed a diet of milk replacer specifically formulated for puppies. They should be fed small amounts of milk replacer every 2-3 hours, using a bottle […]

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Paws for a Cause | All about

Paws for a Cause non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs from high mortality shelters, the streets, and abusive environments in the surrounding Central Arizona area. We operate a network of daycare centers in the Phoenix, Arizona area and surrounding cities. PAWS FOR A CAUSE PAWS FOR A CAUSE student organization is constantly working to advance our service dogs in training and Paws for a Cause program. Here are […]

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some people hate dogs because they are not love animal.

Why do some people hate dogs? Reasons and solution

Some people hate dogs because they do not love the interaction with them. Because dogs are animals. Humans are domesticated dogs to protect themselves from wild animals and dangers. Dogs are very dangerous animals. They should not be taken into towns and communities. They are mean, aggressive, and stupid. Yes, dogs are kind to their […]

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