Can dogs eat pani puri ? Good or bad?

We consider dogs part of the family, but giving them the same food we eat might not be a very good idea. Dogs are not used to eating fatty foods that we Indians traditionally eat. This can often lead to diarrhea and stomach pain.Can Dogs eat pani puri , here we are discribe.

Pani puri (Gol Gappe) is very famous food in India. Pani puri is a made from different food item. Here we are to talk about pani puri is good or bad for dog health.

dog eat panipuri

How made Pani puri 

Panipuri consists of a round or ball-shaped, hollow puri (a deep-fried crisp flatbread), filled with a mixture of flavored water (known as imli pani), tamarind chutney, chili powder, chaat masala, potato mash, onion or chickpeas.

Chaat is considered the predecessor of pani puri/ Gol Gappay. According to the culinary anthropologist Kurush Dalal, chaat originated in the Northern Indian region of what is now Uttar Pradesh. Gol Gappay originated In Indian subcontinent. He also noted that it was possibly originated from Raj-Kachori. Someone made a smaller puri and made a pani puri from it. Pani puri spread to the rest of India, mainly due to migration of people from one part of the country to another, in the 20th century.

Can Dogs eat pani puri?

No, puri is not good for your dog. It contains a lot of oil that makes it overly fatty, which can cause various health problems in your dog. The oil is bad for your dog’s health and can cause stomach ache, upset stomach, intestinal issues, diarrhea, vomiting, and even inflammation of the pancreas. Inflammation of the pancreas will cause the organs to produce harmful enzymes which can cause severe damage to your dog’s intestine.

What happens eat lots of pani puri?

My own experience,

I was pregnant and overdue. The doctor asked me to do a lot of things to induce labor. Like drinking Castor Oil, eating Spicy Food and so on…

So I decided to give Pani Puri a try. Got two large packets of Puri from the shop. Then made Meetha Pani (Sweet Water) and Teekha Pani (Spicy Water), Boiled Aloo (Potatoes) and Vatana (White Peas) at home. I sat down to eat. To my surprise, I ate around 30–35 Pani Puris in one go. Then I walked for 10 minutes and then again ate around 6–7 Pani-Puris.

I continued eating Pani-Puris for the next 2 days.

My stomach was cool. I just pooped more than usual but didn’t get any diarrhea or anything. And despite eating so many (around 200) Pani-Puris…I still didn’t go into labor.


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