Home less man Found Guarded by a Dogs?

Home less man Found Guarded by a Dogs?

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A homeless Yemeni citizen called Ismail Mohammed Hadi was found not breathing in public markets guarded by stray dogs. The man used to feed these stray dogs, so, they paid back their debts by guarding his (ʙᴏᴅʏ) the whole night waiting to be discovered. Hadi was found by some peddlers the next morning surrounded by the stray dogs, till he was moved to the hospital.

The dog is very smart. This dog feed this man many years. They are very close friend and good friend.

Home less man Found Guarded by a Dogs?

This photo is very viral in social media. We see there are two dogs protect the man.

The man, who spent his last years living in a small cabin he made on the streets near the public market, used to make a tour to get the leftovers from the restaurants to feed the dogs. This story is being spread quickly on social networks, but there are many opinions that this is fake news.


A search with the keywords ‘Pappu Shukla Gujarat’ does not throw any relevant results. Next, we performed a reverse image search and learned that the viral image was uploaded on Reddit by user gevidee on October 20 who claimed that the man is Ismael Hadi, a homeless person from Yemen. He used to feed stray dogs. The post added, “He was found (ᴅ.ᴇᴀᴅ) this morning with the dogs refusing to leave his side.”

We are a human, we care all animals and save them. The earth was not only human home, All animals live in earth was equal Rights.

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