train a dog to stop jumping on people

How do you train a dog to stop jumping on people?

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 train a dog to stop jumping on people


Dogs jump for different reasons: attention, enthusiasm or not knowing what to do when they see one.
Does your dog jump on foot when you run? Like it or not, we humans are responsible. We not only allow this behavior, but also encourage it. We know you should not encourage jumping, but a leopard dog is too cute to resist. We forget that loving behavior of dogs can be a real burden when they grow up.
Letting a dog jump on people can also be dangerous. You may get scratches and bruises. A weak child or an adult can be seriously injured.
Solving behavioral problems, such as jumping, handling the situation, and training the dog, is necessary.

Why do dogs say hello with a jump

Dogs re-engage in rewarding behavior. And there are few things that will benefit your pet more than you want. Likewise, other family members, guests, and strangers can encourage this attitude. Even negative distractions, like yelling at a dog or holding its paw, can still listen and encourage behavior. For many dogs, pushing the dog is only part of the game. In order to eliminate the jump in your dog rewards directory, you must delete the affected gifts. This means taking care of your dog so that he doesn’t have time to practice jumping when you teach him other appropriate ways to greet people.

Five Reasons of Dogs Jump on People

1.Dogs run around to get people’s attention

2.Dogs Jump on People Out of Excitement

3. Your dog may be scared or upset

4. Your dog will try to warn you of something

5. Your puppy may be overstimulated

How do you train a dog to stop jumping on people?

 train a dog to stop jumping on people

The most common reason a dog jumps is to try to get our attention. By responding to a jumping dog, we can inadvertently encourage it to keep going.

Your dog will usually learn to jump when he’s a puppy. Encouraging behavior when your dog is young can be tempting, but when the dog is grown it can be a real problem. While your dog may be friendly, not everyone will appreciate it and some may find it very scary. Time, stability, and endurance are the keywords in dog training not to jump. When you first start, you will find that your dog jumps more. This is because jumping is already rewarding, so your dog may think they’ll have to work harder to get your attention. This is normal so stay tuned.

How to Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People

General Tips

  • In the wild, dogs live in hierarchical packs, lead by an alpha male and alpha female. In your household, your dog needs to understand that you are the alpha dog. It’s important to reinforce your status (and your dog’s) by being consistent with training.
  • Dogs associate with each other by smelling scent glands around their faces. Since you are taller than your dog he may be tempted to jump up for a sniff so get low to greet him if you can.
  • Remember never to punish your dog. Rewards are much more effective. Just be consistent.


Stop dog to stop jumping on people – Four step






Five Steps of Stop Dog Jumping

  1. When you get home, reduce the feeling. Don’t move too fast and noise. Ignore the puppy until it calms down.
  2. Follow the four rules of speaking. Do not touch your puppy until he is calm and quiet.
  3. Exclusive behavioral training for both sides. Ask your dog to sit down and reward them for all greetings and interactions with strangers.
  4. When guests arrive, raise your dog and ask him to help you train by asking your dog to sit down before you look after him.
  5. Sometimes when you say hello, you correct the behavior, but sometimes you don’t. Teach your dog that jumping is only allowed with the word “Up”.


 Stop a Dog From Jumping-6 Easy Ways

1. Wait for the dog to calm down
Before opening the door and greeting guests, hold the dog leash, preferably on the front clip harness or head bridle, so you can control your dog to jump up and say hello. When your dog is still, place all four paws on the ground (this will take a few minutes for the happiest dogs) so he can reach out and greet guests. As she jumps, slowly turn around and let her go. Wait patiently before coming back. One option is to move the dog to a separate area before guests arrive, especially for itchy dogs. Many dogs recommend the use of an enclosure or baby gate. If you have an athlete or a large dog who can easily tie up a door, use a crate or move to a room with a closed door. When the dog has cooled, release him and let him out to greet guests.

2.Ignore when your dog is jumping.
Pay attention and praise him if your dog has all fours on the ground. If he jumps from a point, he freezes with his hands on his chest until he calms down. Ask guests and all family members to remember the jump. If you have visitors who are unaware of the right not to jump, tie up your dog during your visit and gently remove him if he jumps. Only reward your dog when all four paws are on the ground for whatever your dog gets in life, whether it’s listening to you or eating. The jump should be complete with all the care and rewards, and staying on the ground will give your dog all the motivation he needs: care, pets, games and more.

3. Give the dog something to hold in its mouth.
Some dogs just hold something in their mouth and jump to greet. Your favorite thing depends on the animal, because some dogs love toys or balls, while others like to yell for a long time. Another option are ready-made food puzzles. Keep it close to the door and when the guest comes, give it to your pig.

4. Let the dog move
To bring the dogs back, start a fetch game when the guests arrive to distract you from jumping as you greet them. Use a soft toy that is unlikely to cause injury or jump when tossed. Keep outdoor toys away from fragile materials such as hallways. Another option is to throw lots of prizes on the floor. This keeps your dog’s nose away from the guests looking for food and at the happiest moment. After a few minutes of this type of play, the new person at home will be enough to reduce your dog’s agitation and popping up will not be a problem.

5. Jump out some of the dog levels some dogs

Because they want to complete the right reception of the normal humanity. You can allow the dog who can welcome you when you can come to your coat while falling near your face. When hell said to be reduced; Move the upper body straight and right away from the waist. Avoid breathing on top of a dog that can bully you and hurt you or hurt you or teeth about the dog’s hope. Sounds for replacement for a replacement or positions for a replacement or dogs, so the dog draws attention to the nose.

6. Other tips to calm your dog
There are a few other tips you can try to keep your dog safe and not jump. Canine stress relievers, like Thunder Shirt, promote calm in a low-key way by gently lifting high points through your dog’s body. In general, vests can lower arousal levels, allowing them to stop jumping without training.



  • Keep the greeting calm and quiet.
  • If your dog jumps on you, ignore him. Go back and get out the door.
  • Try again. You may have to go in and out a dozen of times to let your dog know that the only way to get your attention is to keep all four paws off the ground.

Train Sit for Greetings your Dog

Another appropriate greeting behavior is to sit on pets and say hello. As with the above training method, your dog will learn that the owl will be attracted to him when he is on the ground, but when he wakes up everything stops. Here are the steps to learn how to sit down for a greeting:

  1. Tether your dog to a doorknob or piece of furniture.
  2. From several feet away, ask your dog to sit. When they do, calmly approach. If they stand up, turn and walk back to your starting point and ask for the sit again. If they stay sitting, go up to them and quietly praise and pet them. If they stay sitting, keep greeting. As soon as they stand up, turn and walk away.
  3. As your dog begins to understand they need to sit to get your greeting, you can make your approaches more and more exciting.
    Once your dog has mastered sit for greetings with you, go back to step one using friends and family members.

Jump versus game

Playing with your puppy is an important part of managing a bonus. Dogs love to play and interact with other dogs and humans. If you see a dog kneel on the ground and bow when another dog or person arrives, it is a sign that hopping and hopping will follow. To distinguish such behaviors from jumping, listening, pet parents can ignore unwanted behaviors and select specific locations and play times.
You can promote good play by training your dog to avoid jumping during training and exercise. Jay uses a flirting stick, also known as a flirting stick, a cat-like teaser wand that encourages dogs to chase objects.
“This can be a great way to not only participate in training, but also to entertain your dog. The idea is that not only can you provide your dog with a training environment. The power supply adapts to it. all the energy used in the unwanted jump, but you can teach them to control their demanding needs well, which is usually one of the root causes of the jump… ”Says Jay.



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