What are some signs that show my dog ate chocolate?

Chocolate can be toxic to dogs. As well as dangerously speeding up their heart rate, it can cause them to become incredibly sick. But would you be able to spot the tell-tale signs and symptoms that your pet has eaten chocolate? It’s important every dog owner learns them – it could be life-saving for your pet.

What are some signs that show my dog ate chocolate?

If your dog has eaten even a small amount of chocolate, watch out for these signs:

  • Agitation
  • Out-of-character hyperactivity
  • A sore stomach area
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Drinking more than usual

There are more serious symptoms if your dog has eaten a lot of theobromine. These include:

  • A racing heartbeat
  • Tremors, twitching or seizures
  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea
  • Panting quickly
  • Feels warm



These two problems are the first signs of chocolate toxicity in dogs. In mild cases, dogs may simply throw up or have diarrhea multiple times and thus feel better.
However, in severe cases, these symptoms may progress beyond the others in the list below.

Since both theobromine and caffeine are diuretics, dogs can exhibit excessive thirst and urination when they ingest too much of one of these substances.


Caffeine, in particular, can make dogs fussy. Darker chocolates with a higher caffeine content can cause this symptom even without the dog ingesting a large amount of it.


An elevated heart rate is a dangerous symptom that could lead to cardiac arrest, especially in older dogs or dogs with pre-existing conditions. It can be difficult to monitor your pet’s heart rate at home, so you may be advised to take him to the emergency vet right away for monitoring and/or treatment.


Seizures are one of the most serious symptoms of extreme chocolate toxicity in dogs. This can only occur when a dog has ingested a large amount of chocolate, but it can sometimes mean that the toxicity becomes fatal without veterinary treatment.

How much time show signs dog ate chocolate?

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning will usually show within six to 12 hours, but could appear within one hour. If you know your dog has eaten chocolate, act immediately and don’t wait for the signs to appear. We always recommend seeking veterinary advice if you have any concerns about the health of your pets.

Dogs dying from a theobromine overdose perish due to a combination of heart problems and respiratory failure. … A single Hershey’s Kiss contains 8 milligrams of theobromine — your tiny Yorkshire would need to consume well over 100 milk chocolate kisses before nearing death’s door, an unlikely scenario.


Why chocolate toxic for Dog?

Chocolate contains both theobromine and caffeine, both of which can boost a dog’s heart rate and support the brain, explains the Merck/Merial Manual for Veterinary Health.

Your dog’s risk of infection by eating chocolate depends on the type and amount of chocolate eaten and the dog’s weight (the program can easily calculate your dog’s diet). Risk of toxicity). The concentration of this toxin depends on the type of chocolate.

How much chocolate is poisonous to a dog?

The amount of toxic theobromine varies depending on the type of chocolate. The darker and darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is to dogs. Baked chocolate and delicious dark chocolate are high in concentration and contain 130-450 mg of theobromine per ounce. Ordinary milk chocolate is only around 44-58 mg per ounce. White chocolate with only 0.25 mg of theobromine per ounce of chocolate rarely carries the risk of chocolate poisoning.

Although the amount consumed is safe, dogs can become ill from the fat and sugar in chocolate. It can cause pancreatitis in severe cases or in dogs with more sensitive stomachs. To understand this, a medium-sized dog weighing 50 pounds need only eat 1 ounce of baking chocolate or 9 ounces of milk chocolate to show signs of possible poisoning. For many dogs, consuming small amounts of milk chocolate is not harmful.

Can dogs eat chocolate?

While dogs can retain the delicious sweet taste of chocolate just like humans, it is important to realize that chocolate can poison dogs and make them sick. So no matter how much your dog asks for a piece of chocolate, keep in mind that dogs and chocolate do not mix.

How to treat your dog when they eat chocolate

It can be tricky to figure out your next steps once you realize your dog got chocolate. You could try to treat your dog in one of these ways if they ate this food. However, your best option is always to get an expert’s opinion that can give your animal individualized care.

Talk to a vet
Talk to a veterinarian if your dog could have eaten a potentially toxic amount of chocolate so that you know how to proceed immediately. “Treatment can involve making the dog vomit, cleaning out the stomach through a procedure called gastric lavage, administering activated charcoal, and providing supportive and symptomatic care,” explains Coates.

If you fear that your dog ate a lot of chocolate, this is definitely not a vet visit that can wait until the next day or morning, if it’s a weekend or overnight. Instead, you should get a vet’s opinion as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, many dogs ingest chocolate around celebratory holidays like Christmas or Easter. This means that your regular vet might not be open. That’s just one reason why 24/7 telehealth visits for pets are such an ideal option. With Pawp, there’s no appointment necessary and no wait. Contact trusted, experienced vets at any time, and they’ll help steer you and your dog in the right direction.

Try activated charcoal
Activated charcoal may also be recommended to help absorb whatever is left in the dog’s system. “The usual dose for activated charcoal is 1 to 4 grams per kilogram of weight,” says Connie Monico, the veterinary specialist at the thedogadventure.com. The powder may come in capsules or loose in a container. “It can typically be purchased at a health food store or even online,” says Monico. Of course, your best option is to ask a vet if this is the right plan of attack.

Force vomiting with hydrogen peroxide
If the chocolate has recently been ingested and it was a toxic dose, it is possible to use hydrogen peroxide to cause your pup to vomit, says Dr. Krause. Once again, you’re better off asking a vet’s opinion before you attempt this at home.

Go to an emergency clinic
If the ingestion was hours ago and severe symptoms are present, hospitalization and medical therapy are warranted. It’s important to call your veterinarian immediately if any symptoms occur.

Where to go for immediate help
At Pawp, the vets understand how frightening it can be for your dog to be at risk of chocolate poisoning. That’s why they’re here to help. The most important thing you can do as a responsible pet owner is getting a professional’s opinion on how to treat your pet. If you do that, then your dog has a better chance of making a full recovery.

What to do if your dog eats chocolate?

If your dog has eaten chocolate, he may need immediate care, so contact your vet as soon as possible for instructions or call your Vets Tam vet. Now Pet Emergency Clinic immediately outside working hours. Our Chocolate Toxicity Calculator is a helpful guide to help you determine if your dog has been poisoned.

Write down your dog’s weight, type of chocolate, how much chocolate he eats and when. If possible, take the dressing to a veterinarian. This information will help vets determine if your dog has ingested the chocolate toxin and how to treat it.

The treatment depends on type of chocolate consumed. In case of early treatment, elimination of the virus may be necessary, including administration of electrolytes to induce vomiting and prevent absorption of theobromine into the body. Radiation therapy may be repeated to reduce the recurrence and recurrence of theobromine.


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