some people hate dogs because they are not love animal.

Why do some people hate dogs? Reasons and solution

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Some people hate dogs because they do not love the interaction with them. Because dogs are animals. Humans are domesticated dogs to protect themselves from wild animals and dangers. Dogs are very dangerous animals. They should not be taken into towns and communities. They are mean, aggressive, and stupid. Yes, dogs are kind to their “deserving” owners because they feed themselves. But that doesn’t mean they’re nice to others. Dogs should not be near children (except those who obviously live with them). This is because animal instinct can catch and kill the weak. they intimidate.

Plenty of reasons but here are my own:

  1.  Barking: I can’t stand barking, please just shut the hell up
  2.  Attention hogs: dogs need so much attention it’s unreal, please just leave me alone!
  3.  Defecation: dogs just shit and pee anywhere, it’s fucking disgusting, some dogs even eat their own shit
  4.  Vomit: I get it, we all vomit, but dogs? They fucking eat their own vomit, it makes ME want to vomit
  5.  Behaviour: yes ok, some dogs are very well behaved, but most? Disgusting, no respect at all, just fucking humping everything, barking and biting all over the place. Control your fucking dog
  6.  Licking: no it is not fucking cute when a dog licks my face, it’s disgusting, there are so many germs there, I legit want to kill any dog who licks me, the difference between me and a dog abuser is that I would never do it in actuality.
  7. Behaviour part2: they don’t listen, at all. I will drag the dog away or stand in front of it and It will still do exactly what I told it not to do, it’s not cute, it’s bad behavior
  8. Time: dogs are so fucking needy with time. They can’t even stay home for a couple of hours without wrecking the place, god I fucking hate dogs.

Here are just a couple more reasons some people hate dogs:

  • They are filthy beasts: Some of them eat their own poop.
  • They stink to high heaven: no matter how much they are bathed
  • They viciously attack some people for no reason
  • They are high-maintenanceC annoyances (can’t clean or feed themselves)
  • They slobber on everything
  • They demand attention: even if the person isn’t interested,ed and assume everyone wants to be smothered with their attention
  • They are expensive
  • They are extreme noise polluters with their barking and whining all the time. What is pleasant about a dog barking?

Some people don’t train their dogs or raise them in weird ways, making them need someone around them all the time. If not, they tear up the furniture in your house, and poop and pee all over it (separation anxiety)
Their owners think it is perfectly fine to leave their poop on my front lawn. Wow, really? So that means I can go poop on my neighbor’s lawn and he would be totally fine with that? Dog owners are rude.
They shed hair and dandruff
Some people are allergic to their filth
It has become very trendy for people to use their pet dogs as fraudulent service dogs

The owner- another reason may be the owner, let’s be honest, not all dog owners are good. Some of them don’t pick up the dog poop, and some of them bring their dogs with them when they were invited somewhere. And this is just a personal thing, but I feel like you should go to jail if you don’t earn people that you’re bringing a dog. (With my previous points) they could be allergic, really just hate dogs or have some sort of PTSD.

Solution for those who hate dog

  1. Time spent with dogs: Dogs are very familiar with humans if you are behavior friendly with dogs definitely good behavior with you. Dogs are very happy with humans if there are good relations with them.
  2. Food good food: Everyone love tasty and good food. Dogs are also foody types. They love good and tasty food. If you feed tasty and good food dogs they are loving you and make friends.
  3. Outing with dogs: Dog is like to walking and outing program. 
  4. Care dog: If you care dog also your dog care for you so care for your dog.
  5. Not punish your dog: If your dog does some fault not punish hard. Because dogs connect with you emotionally.
  6. Trin Dog: Training is a necessary for dog behavior and daily lifestyle so train your dog professionally and good training. If you want to your dog protect you then you teach some protection training.


Dogs are not bad but some time their behavior unnatural because some cases. So please do not have dogs or other animals. They are also part of our life. Ther have their life cycle. so love and care for every dog and other animals. so guys please comment with your beautiful dog story. Thank for reading




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