Why is my dog scratching the floor and whining ? Top Reasons

Dog scratching the floor

A dog scratching is a normal thing. A dog scratching the floor could mean a lot of different things, from anxiety to a medical condition. As with most dog behavior analyzes, there are differing views on this topic from many sources and experts. So, if you’ve ever wondered why dogs scratch the floor at bedtime. You may be find in some reasons for this behavior.

Some dogs scratch floors so much that they end up messing the carpeting or hardwood flooring with their constant digging. In any case, you want to find out and treat the issue that is causing your dog to scratch your floors at night.


Some Reason dog scratching the floor and whining

1. Your dog may be in very pain

Some intermediate conditions can cause your dog injury, pain is one of them. Sickness can kill both a person and a dog, so when your dog is sick, he may be anxious. The more stress your baby has, the more likely he is to dig deep to reduce pain and stress. Pain creates stress in both humans and dogs, so if your dog is in pain he might become stressed out. The more stressed out your dog gets, the more he might be scratching the floor as a way to relieve this pain and stress.

2. Your dog may be very tired

If your dog-tired, this is a big reason to scratching the floor and do many other unnecessary behavior. Many people say their dog’s seeming more tired than usual. It’s a good idea any time you don’t know what is wrong with your pup, and you notice a change in his normal routine that you do call your vet and make sure nothing is wrong. It is better to be reassured everything is fine than waiting and allowing a serious problem to get worse.

3. Your dog may be very hungry

While some dogs seem almost genetically pre dispositioned to approach every meal ravenously hungry and as though it might be their last, most of the time this is a learned behavior. If your dog have too much eating habit and you did not give too much food that is a big reason of dog scratching. Most of the time dogs are foody. If you don’t feed their requirement, their behavior is also changed.

4. Your dog may be happy

While we can’t teach you how to speak dog, we can help you understand which behaviors and body language signals could indicate your pup is happy and content, as well as signs that something could be wrong. If your dog scratching the floor, may be a sign of your dog is very happy with you. You can understand with their other behavior.

5. Your dog may be very angry

If your dog is angry, scratching is a common sign to show angry behaviors. Most dogs only exhibit aggressive behavior when they feel threatened, are in pain, or are attempting to show dominance. An aggressive dog may bark, growl, lunge, bare its teeth, or may even bite.

Scratching is good for dog

The most simple reasoning behind this scratching behavior is entertainment. That’s right, entertainment. Some dogs are happy entertaining themselves, and find scratching and digging to be quite delightful. Scratching and digging seem to fall under that category of entertaining stress relievers.  

It depends. Dogs have vocal tones, like all animals and humans, which tell us if it’s pain or joy they are feeling. If, when he scratches, his is whining in a high-pitched tone, that sounds like pain response, yes, he’s hurting. Take him to the vet and tell the vet what you told us.

How to stop dog scratching the floor ?

1. comfortable dog bed

One of the ways to prevent your dog from scratching  is to get them their own comfortable dog bed. It’s been established that dogs like dog beds that have raised edges and those that are round. The round bed with those raised edges mimic a nest or den that the dog is trying to recreate when scratching the floor. Bed is most importance to relax. 

2. exercised regularly

Make sure your dog gets plenty of play time in during the day. Your dog needs to be played with and exercised regularly in order to get out that excess energy. If you play with your dog during the day and wear him out a little, he will be tired and less likely to put that extra energy into scratching your floors.

3. Check health issue

Your dog may have severe allergies, or some form of parasite. Dogs are usually pretty Stoic, which is why we have the responsibility to check them over, as we would our children, to make sure they have no injuries, rashes, make sure their poops are normal, they are peeing OK, etc.

At the last

So now that you know the scratching and digging are most likely just primal instinct, you can decide if the behavior is destructive and needs to be addressed. ‘Fortunately’ the issues behind this scratching and digging are not generally dangerous to your pet. Just watch over them and enjoy all the little quirkiness that comes with being a dog owner.

Sounds like your dog is experiencing pain. Time to find out the underlying cause for the itching by taking your dog to a vet. Could be a simple infection, allergies, a skin condition, or many other things. Best to get a vet to take a look to determine what course of action to take to rid pup of the itching.


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