Bear advocacy group offering $5,000 reward after dog was attacked with arrow in Oak Grove

Dog information

Birmingham, Ala. (WBRC) — A veteran service dog is still recovering from a gunshot wound in Jefferson County. Now he has a reward in the case.

Earlier this week, a man attacked a 4-year-old Pyrenean boy named Catan, according to his owner, Billy Morris, a disabled veteran. Cotton is Morris’ service dog. Cotton suffers from lung failure, but luckily the vet was able to help. He is still recovering in the vet.

Research is underway to identify the person responsible. Help Asheville Bears in Asheville, North Carolina, a group that works to protect and help black bears, is offering a $ 5,000 reward for information about the person or persons responsible for the dog attack.

They posted a Facebook post about Cotton’s plight and hope the reward money will help. Anyone with a social media account in that area will see this post. Let’s hope someone knows something. We can get the information. We can take her to the detective I spoke to this morning. “They are so happy to help because money makes people talk again,” said Jodi Williams, founder of Help Asheville Bears. The bounty fund is backed by retired Colonel Herschel Morgan, a HAB member and the fourth longest serving prisoner of war in US history. He is also a huge dog lover.

He is being investigated by the Sheriff’s Office of Animal Cruelty.

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