free dog adoption process in india

In India, hundreds of animals are abandoned and rescued every day. There are many good minds across the country who work long hours and beyond their means, but finances and communication are never available throughout the working community.

With this in mind, we have started the adoption phase of DogSpot.In. This online shooting game is designed to create records of animals found in many cities and other locations across the country. Not only do we introduce these animals, but we also assist the process by developing a quality improvement process that includes writing an acknowledgment and mediating between the parties: the current animal/address and its capacities. Adoption agency. Our ultimate goal is to reduce overcrowding by providing a loving home for all homeless animals, while helping all individuals share life with the furry companion they desire.

free dog adoption process in india

How to Adopt a Dog in India

Decide the kind of dog you want

Keep in mind your lifestyle, budget, home space and your family before you decide which kind of dog you want to bring home. While families with kids or young couples might opt for a lively dog, seniors can go for aged canines who require less training and can be ideal retirement companions.

Find out the nearby shelters

Decide whether you can devote time to raise a puppy or if a trained, adult dog suits you better. Locate the nearby dog shelter and visit the place several times, keeping in mind who you want in your home.

Here are some shelters you can visit in the following cities:

Bangalore: CARE, CUPA

Mumbai: Animals, Matter To My, World For All

Delhi: Dogspot, Red Paws Rescue

Pune: Bodhisattva, ResQ Charitable Trust

Chennai: Animal Welfare & Protection Trust, Scan Foundation

Kolkata: Debasree Roy Foundation, People For Animals

Hyderabad: Blue Cross of Hyderabad, People For Animals

Ahmedabad: ASHA Foundation, Jivdaya Charitable Trust


Bond with the dogs at the shelter

Interaction with the dogs at the shelter. Ask the guards about their temperament and history. Ask about their behavior with humans and other animals.

If possible, visit the shelter several times to develop a bond with the “chosen one” before the adoption. Finally, make informed decisions.


Secure the medical records

Make sure your dog is well vaccinated. Ask your caregiver to provide the dog’s medical records with details of illnesses or injection.


Follow the official adoption procedure

Most addresses follow special adoption procedures related to submitting receipts and other forms of certification. The adoption form will ask about taking your dog to the vet, housekeeping, vacation planning, and more. and the worst situations (if you have to abandon your future dog). You will need to provide proof and proof of address.


Take your fur Baby home

After requisite background checks and counselling, the shelter will finally hand over the dog to you. However, it might take the dog some time to acclimatise to the home environment. For some, it might be just a few days, while other dogs can take up to a few months. Have patience and continue showering your baby with all the love you can.


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