Dog goes viral for walking on 2 legs (video)

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Dexter (dog) lost one front leg and the ability to use the other after a car accident in 2016

When someone sees what Dexter can do, it’s obvious that anything is paw-possible.

The 7-year-old Brittany has gone viral on social media during the pandemic, after his owner, Kentee Pasek, started posting videos of him walking on two legs.

After getting hit by a car in 2016, Dexter(dog) lost one front leg and the ability to bend the other. However, he eventually figured out how to walk with just two legs instead of using a wheelchair.


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“We had to carry him down the front porch to go to the bathroom in the morning… and I went in to go grab my coffee, came back out, and he had gotten up without putting any weight on that front leg,” Pasek said. “He had gotten up on the front porch steps, and I didn’t know how he had done that.”

His videos showcasing his mesmerizing willpower and strut have gained him 150,000 followers on Instagram and over 32 million likes on TikTok.

“Dexter teaches us all that we can do whatever we put our minds to, really,” Pasek said. “If we could get out of our own mindset, and if we can think about the positive, we can do really anything we want to do.”





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