20 dogs found dead in Ohio home

20 dogs found dead in Ohio home

PORTSMOUTH, OHIO – Nineteen dogs were found dead and more than two dozen other dogs were not found correctly in a house in southern Ohio, and a woman living there faces many criminal cases.

Samantha Damron, 29, has been charged with 33 animal cruelty cases, according to WSAZ Channel 3. According to WOWK Channel 13, he was arrested in Scioto County Prison on $ 25,000 bail.


Authorities were called to the house on May 12 after neighbors noticed an unusual number of flies on the windows of the house and also reported a strong odor. Police told the Portsmouth Daily Times that when police arrived, they were afraid they would find a dead human body inside. Police said no one responded through the front door, but police found the back door open and entered. According to reports, they found 19 dead dogs in the house in various stages of decay. Inside, another 27 malnourished and dehydrated dog was found


“It’s very sad,” said WSAZ nurse Wendy Payton of Portsmouth City Health. “I don’t know what leads someone to treat animals like that.”

The dogs were German Shepherds as a shepherd mix, according to reports. The Times reported that the condition of the house was appalling, with rotten food and animal waste in the residence. The house was convicted.


Damron was apparently at home when the police arrived. According to the Times, police said Damron showed no emotion and told officials he was trying to save the dogs. Damron is probably a veterinarian and is expected to start a new job on the day the police arrive. WOWK says Damron has a Facebook page “dedicated to viewing, producing and selling real animal parts.” Damron could face further charges if the investigation continues, reports say.

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