Detroit among the worst US cities for walking your dog


National Walk Your Dog Month is here and it’s heating up Detroiters.

LawnStarter, a lawn service provider based in Austin, Texas, collected data that ranked 200 of the best and worst cities to walk your dog. The survey was based on walking ability, safety, professional dog walking availability and access to dog trails.

The best cities to walk your dog:

San francisco California
Colorado Springs, Colorado
glendale california
Portland, Oregon
Oakland, Calif.
Los Angeles California
San Diego, California
Boise, Indiana
fremont california
Naperville, Ill.
Detroit scored very low on all of the metrics used for LawnStarter’s analysis. Some of the categories were number of dog trails, walk score, dog park quality, and crime rate. Detroit’s low scores in these categories led to the city making the list.

The worst cities to walk your dog:

  • Jackson, Mississippi
  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • little rock arizona
  • surprise arizona
  • Augusta, Georgia
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • kansas city, kansas
  • Macon, Georgia
  • Springfield, Missouri

Western cities fared much better than most because of their high-quality dog trails. Cities in the southern states aren’t ideal for walking your dog because walking isn’t possible, weather wasn’t taken into account, but warmer temperatures can make walking your dog not so great, according to LawnStarter. .

LawnStarter suggests that if you can’t walk your dog, it might be better to let your pet roam the yard.

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