Dog attacks by a bear in the upstate

It happened Monday night. Allyson Mauney says she walks her dog before going to work.

He also has a Labrador mix called Gracie.

Mauney said the dogs ran into the woods at the sound of barking. Then I heard my Schnauzer scream. “He held the flashlight and ran to the car. When he came back he saw a small bear. “I saw a bear on a schnauzer.” said Mauney. “My million ran to protect me.”

The angry animal owner tried to intervene, but the closer he got, the further the bear ran away. double.

“I just stayed there because I didn’t want to let go of my dog. I called him my son and they were my children,” he explained. “I can hear the breathing.”

Mauney was screaming “till my lungs burst” the whole time.

A friend tries to save Snuggie, but the bear takes him deep into the forest. Therefore, they decided not to observe too much because it was dark and did not know how many bears.

However, the next morning, Schnauzer was found alive.

Paul Chambers said, “He slept in a bit of mud.” When he heard me coming and started talking, he stared at me and broke me. »

“The black bear came out of its burrow. And they were obviously very hungry. They don’t eat most of the winter,” said Greg Lucas of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

April and May are the months when you can see the most bears, especially near the mountains. Greenville, Pickens, and Oconee counties are home to furbearers.

But the surrounding towns must not let the keeper down.

“We have received notices from other towns in Piedmont like Spartanburg and Anderson,” Lucas said. Interviews with the DNR revealed that black bears are disobedient, shy, and socially inept. Unless they provoke.

If you find a bear, you can report it to MNR. In case of emergency, call 1-800-922-5431 or 911.

Mauney and Chambers were happy with the situation. They had seen the bear in the house before and there was no threat.

The mammals feared that this attack was due to their dog.

“Maybe the bear bit my dog ​​first,” he said.

The interaction between the dog and the bear last year made him wonder if anything big could happen.

“Our dogs hunt him every day in the forest. And I keep saying one day you’ll know they’re bigger than you,” Mauney said. He said Snuggie was paralyzed from the legs.


Adopting VS buying a dog

Dog adoption gives thousands of incredible animals a second chance at a forever home. For people deadset on a specific breed, however, buying might be the more appealing option. We’ve outlined the pros and cons of adopting and buying below.

Adopting a dog

  • More affordable
  • A second opportunity for homeless pets
  • Lots of options to choose from
  • Great way to find adult dogs
  • Supports animal welfare work
  • Disempowers the puppy mill industry
  • Can come with a strict screening process
  • Unclear breed history
  • Puppies are harder to find
  • Not for those looking for purebreds

Buying a dog

  • Suitable for people who only want purebreds
  • Access to puppies of all breeds
  • Access to genetic testing
  • More information about predisposed illnesses
  • More expensive than adopting
  • May involve puppy mills
  • May involve irresponsible breeders
  • Increased risk of scams

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