Dog Stories That Will Make You Ugly Cry

Dogs do not turn away when we humans are hurt. Instead, they lick our faces, curl into our laps, and comfort us. These nine dogs have done just that – despite the hardships they faced early on in their lives.

1. Susie, the unlikely therapy dog

Susie was perfectly paired up with the most unlikely human. Her owner was once mauled by an abused dog which caused her to lose the ability to have children. As devastating as this event was, she pressed on and did not let it turn her heart to stone.

Just a year later, Susie was just a small pit-bull mix who felt the discrimination that her breed often faces. He was set on fire and beaten up for licking the face of a small child. She suffered severe burns in the attack and lost her ear.

Fate intervenes and Susie and her boss meet. In need of unconditional love, they set out to teach children and adults the importance of love, kindness, and respect for dogs.

2. Xena, the warrior puppy

Xena is an aptly named dog as she, despite all her struggles, has kept going like a true warrior. When Xena first came to the shelter, she was horribly emaciated, with scabs all over her face. She was scared and distrusting. Then, she met the boy whose life she would forever change.

Her new owner, who is autistic, faced struggles in his every day life. He needed a companion for comfort and help him understand the world around him. Before Xena came into his life, he was mostly non-verbal. Now, he talks and even sings nonstop to his newfound friend. Xena brought comfort and growth to her 8-year-old new best friend.

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