The dog died in a house fire in Littleton

West Metro Fire Rescue said the fire started at a home in the 12100 block of West Copper Drive on Sunday morning.

According to WMFR, many neighbors called 911 when they saw smoke and flames coming from their home in the 12100 block on West Cooper Drive. When firefighters arrived, the building was completely destroyed.

There were 5 people, 2 dogs and a turtle during the fire. WMFR said all five were able to leave the house safely.

WMFR expert Ronda Scholting said one of the occupants tried to get home to save the dog. Firefighters were able to save one dog and the groom, but the other dogs were unable to escape, Scholting said.

One of the five injured was not life threatening and was taken to hospital, firefighters said.

Firefighters returned home on Sunday after a blaze ripped through the backyard, West Metro said.

Firefighters said the first fire started at the back of the house on a patio. The cause is under investigation.

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